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It's not just the time we get together one on one.  You're busy and these resources are available to meet your needs and schedule.  Podcasts, YouTube Shorts and VIP Strategic Planning Days.  All relevant and designed to help you make the next best decision.

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Our podcast started in late 2021.  It features experts from a variety of fields who share their journey, challenges and wisdom.  It focuses on small business, entrepreneurs, leaders and authors from across the country. 

Beginning in 2023 we're still going to keep the full podcast, but it will be even more timely, topical and easy to digest.  What matters to you--the business owner or professional seeking wisdom from those who've gone before?  We'll still feature experts from many fields, and great stories, but you'll have the choice to take in the full podcast or digest it in shorter topical segments on our new Wingman Associates YouTube channel.

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Wingman Associates

(Coming soon)

To value your time, we're adding a Wingman YouTube channel so we, can highlight short videos of topical importance.  Cash flow tips, people management, strategic planning, operational efficiencies, marketing, sales, career development, personal challenges and much more.  What topics are important in YOUR world?  What will help you make a better decision TODAY?  Help us help you by providing feedback and suggestions and if you feel led to want to join us to share your experience, please reach out. We are always looking for new Wingmen and women.

Our goal is to be relevant and brief.  If something you see sparks a question or a desire to learn more, then let's connect.


              VIP Days

You're interested in Strategic Planning, Brainstorming or maybe some Problem-Solving sessions, but not sure about committing to long-term coaching engagements.  This option is for you and your leadership team.  These 1-2-day summits are designed to meet you where you are and bring clarity and focus to your short and long-range planning.  It's a chance to identify challenges, update goals, assess new markets or products and anything else that may need some extra focus or attention. 

Why use Wingman?  Because our clients tell us that having an objective, outside, experienced, transparent sounding board brings a new and fresh perspective. Real progress happens when subjectivity is replaced with an objective lens and tools that bring out root causes and growth strategies that work for all.

There's no charge to find out more and examine the benefits of adding an experienced Wingman to your team--even for a day. 

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