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It's natural to seek counsel from those who've gone before us for wisdom and expertise.  Wingman Associates exists to come alongside our clients and meet them where they are and support them as they seek to make the next best decision, personally or professionally.  The truth is, regardless of the field, even the highest performers have coaches.  Let Wingman Associates complement your efforts to keep you or your business operating at the highest levels.


Our Core Values

People still want to do business with someone they like and trust.  Knowing who to trust isn't always obvious or easy.  It takes time and commitment.  Having expertise, proven processes and experience is a start, but what does it mean to you?  What do you or your business need?  Wingman's Core Values hopefully provide some context for what we believe and how we treat each other and our clients. 

Core Values

  • Listen Intentionally: We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  We value intentionality, curiosity and self-awareness.

  • Learn Continuously: We must keep learning, or we risk falling behind.  We value the people we meet, the books we read and the joint exploration of what could be.

  • Laugh Contagiously:  We value fun and believe having a sense of humor is one of life's critical success factors.  Work is hard enough, remember to enjoy the journey.


Great results follow when we do these things well.  Let's start a conversation and see if we're a good fit to help you make the next best decision.

core pillars

Our time together will typically revolve around these key principles.  We'll drill down as appropriate once we better understand the current state from a higher perspective.

  • People:  If it's a business, do you have the right people doing the right things?  Do they understand the organization's Core Values and tie their productivity to them?  Same applies if it's just you and your career.  What lights your hair on fire?  Are you in the right seat? 

  • Purpose: If we don’t ask the right questions, we won’t get the right answers. Do you understand your why and your purpose?  Does everyone in the organization understand their role and "why"?

  • Strategy:  Your organization needs a strategy that matches your vision and purpose.  Strategy drives culture, is yours what you want it to be?   How often are you reviewing it?  Who knows it?

  • Structure: Without a framework on which to build, our work will collapse on itself.  What systems exist to streamline operations and increase efficiency and productivity?

  • Execution and Discipline: What processes are in place to track performance and KPI's?  What high-performance habits are being fostered?  Do they tie back to your Purpose and Core Values?

White Pillars
Image by Rob Wicks

Our Guarantee

We must back up our engagements since each of our clients is different and requires unique solutions tailored to meet their needs.  Everyone will NOT fit into the same prepackaged box, format or structure.  This is why our guarantee exists, to give you peace of mind.  It is the foundation by which we confidently invest in each other.

  • ​What we guarantee:  That you, the client, have all the power.  Should you, for any reason, determine that we are not bringing the value expected and promised, you may exit our agreement with no further obligations.   

  • Why it matters:  We are only as good as our clients believe us to be.  Our relationship, the trust we build and the results we deliver define us.  If we fail a client, in any way, then we must own the reasons why.  If it was poor communication, expectations, processes or follow through, we own it because we didn't get buy-in or agreement upfront as to why it was so important.   

Regardless of what brought us together you should expect nothing but our best.  This guarantee puts our money where our mouth is.  It will take both of us working together to change your status quo and our commitment as your Wingman, is to stay by your side until the mission is successfully completed.  

The hardest part may just be picking up the phone or sending the first email. Let's push through that together.  We never charge to get to know each other.  Trust takes time and we are here for the long game, like a good Wingman.

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