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From the beginning, we've always looked to those who've gone before us for wisdom and expertise.  Wingman Associates exists to come alongside our clients and meet them wherever they are and support them as they seek to make the next best decision, personally or professionally.  The truth is, regardless of the field, even the highest performers rarely achieve greatness on their own.  Let Wingman Associates complement your efforts to keep you or your business operating at optimal levels.

good coaches can change a game...
great coaches can change a life

the role of a coach

People who want to excel–at anything, go to others who have gone before them and who have expertise and experience in a certain area.  What does your business need? Are you looking to jumpstart or make a change in your career? 

Do any of these resonate?

  • Do I have accountability partners helping me in my decision-making?

  • Am I trying to do too much?  Is my business suffering because of this?

  • What’s stopping me from making necessary changes?

  • What am I best at?  What does my career or business need me to be best at in order to grow and thrive?

  • Do I seek transparency and honest feedback in my professional life?

  • Do I have experienced coaches or mentors in my life to be a sounding board for new ideas?

  • Could I use a Wingman, who may see things through a different lens?


As an objective third party, Wingman Associates is committed to helping you or your team perform at consistently high levels.  We want to support your desire for continued self-improvement along with identifying key areas that may need attention.

core pillars

Our time together will typically revolve around these key principles.  We'll drill down as appropriate once we better understand the current state from a higher perspective.

  • Purpose: If we don’t ask the right questions, we won’t get the right answers. Do you understand your why and your purpose?

  • Structure: Without a framework on which to build, our work will collapse on itself.

  • Discipline: Equals freedom and results in creating and mastering high-performance habits.

  • Mindset: Our thoughts shape our reality. What is your mindset?

  • Mastery and Peace: Achieving greatness in any area of life and redefining success to attain true meaning and fulfillment. All the while leading back to your Purpose.

White Pillars

how it works

What's important here is our approach is tailored to meet your needs.  Everyone will NOT fit into the same prepackaged box, format or structure.  Like a true Wingman, we will invest in you until we achieve effective change.

Together, we’ll develop a plan of action that includes:

  • What:  What outcome do you want?  Are your purpose and goals clearly defined?

  • Why:  Can you define your why?  Why are you where you are?  Why is this important to you individually or your business?  Can you explain how and why you arrived at this point?

  • When:  What are you waiting for?  When is the right time to change the trajectory of your life or business? 

  • Frequency: How often and how long should you meet with a coach?  Determine short and long-term goals and follow up as needed.  Great coaching can be occasional or consistent depending on the need and outcomes desired. 

These are just a few of the many questions and topics we’ll consider as we partner together to determine exactly what brought you to this place, and if it’s not where you expected to be by now, what will it take to get back on track? 

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing all of this in more detail to determine what the right course of action may look like.

The hardest part may just be picking up the phone or sending the first email. Let's push through that together and get to the good stuff, so you can lighten your load.  We are here to help, and a good Wingman stays the course.

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Thanks for your interest! We look forward to connecting.