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"Not like any coach or consultant we've ever used."  differentiation is in our dna and why Wingman works so hard to put your needs first.


At Wingman Associates, our core message is that no one should try to do it all alone, especially running a business.  Others have gone before you and there is strength in talking with an experienced advisor to help you make the next best decision. Click below to learn more about our process and why we want to become your Wingman.



I'm interested in learning more.  How does this work?


Thanks for your interest. One of our core principles is listening intentionally and taking more time upfront to get to know you and qualify if we're the right team to help.


Please browse the site to learn more and reach out if you'd like to schedule some time together.  



Be more of the leader you are meant to be and less haunted by the leader you think you're supposed to be. 

It is said that really good leaders need only look behind them to see if anyone is following.  What's clear is that we all know when we're in the presence of a great leader. There is something different about them, the way they treat people and handle challenges. They are reassuring, compassionate, decisive and focused.

Does where you are on the leadership spectrum today equate to where you want to be?  Click below to learn more.

why consider a wingman?

Summer Times


Team Project


Business Meeting


​Do any of these sound familiar?

"I'm tired of making decisions in a vacuum."

"I feel stretched beyond my capacity and am always in reactive mode."

"I'd like access to some occasional or consistent coaching/consulting but have been disenchanted with past experiences."

"I know in my gut this pace and the status quo are not sustainable."

Whether you're a small business owner or a leader seeking guidance, wouldn't there be value in having an experienced, objective sounding board to help make the next best decision?

That's our sweet spot. Meeting you at the intersection of feeling alone and practicing insanity (doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results). Our clients say we're different because of our approach and flexibility. We believe that's true because it starts and ends with putting you first and building trust. We listen intentionally, stay in our wheelhouse and use time-proven methods to produce the results you are looking for. Unlike many firms, we're playing the long game, which is why our commitment is to stay by your side until the mission is complete -- like a true Wingman.

Click below to learn more about our process.


“When I first met Mike, I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted, and I couldn’t tell you why. Mike listened closely to what I was trying to create, asked penetrating questions to help me process priorities, gave direct and specific feedback, and shared professional insights, strategies, and resources. By the end of our first meeting, I was hopeful and had steps to take. By the end of Q2, I had successfully rebranded and was signing my first major contracts.  I have new tools, a wider network, and increased confidence. That’s the power of having Mike as your wingman.”

Owner/CEO TeachUp Coaching and Self-Discovery, Self-Defense

Marcie W

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The hardest part may just be picking up the phone or sending the first email. Let's push through that together and get to the good stuff, so you can lighten your load. We are here to help, and a good Wingman stays the course.

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