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What is your next move?

What would it mean to you and your business to have a trusted sounding board?

Are You waiting to be forced into a decision when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change?

Who is on your side helping you make the next best decision?

What are you Looking For?

Experienced Sounding Board

Trusted Partner

Better Decision Making

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How many of these daily challenges sound familiar?

Hiring.  FiringWearing too many hats.  Inefficiencies.  Anxiety.  HR issues.  Analysis paralysis. Culture. Toxicity. Lack of input. Outside my comfort zone.  Pressure.  Stress.  Lack of sleep.  Financial concerns. Legal issues.  Strategic Planning.  Marketing costsLabor shortage. Training/Development

People Management. Sales.

And, because of these you are not...

Achieving your goals.

Spending quality time with family & friends.

Successfully running your business.

Enjoying life.

Good news. We have a proven plan!

  1. We listen intentionally to identify and understand the root cause.

  2. We learn together from the past.

  3. We have tools and experience to help you make the next best decision.

  4. So, you can enjoy the journey and deliver the results you need.


See below to learn more.

What We Do

Business Coaching

Fractional CFO &
Accounting Svcs.

Leadership & Personal Development

Resources & Support

We understand your pain.  Here's what clients have said about our approach.

“When I first met Mike, I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted, and I couldn’t tell you why. Mike listened closely to what I was trying to create, asked penetrating questions to help me process priorities, gave direct and specific feedback, and shared professional insights, strategies, and resources. By the end of our first meeting, I was hopeful and had steps to take. By the end of Q2, I had successfully rebranded and was signing my first major contracts.  I have new tools, a wider network, and increased confidence. That’s the power of having Mike as your wingman.”

Owner/CEO TeachUp Coaching and Self-Discovery, Self-Defense

Marcie W

our clients

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The hardest part may just be picking up the phone or sending the first email. Let's push through that together.  We never charge to get to know each other.  Trust takes time and we are here for the long game, like a good Wingman.

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let's connect

Thanks for your interest! We look forward to connecting.

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