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What does making the next best decision look like?  

We believe it's different for everyone.  If you're a business owner, maybe it's having an objective, experienced sounding board to help adjust course along the way.  It could mean having someone in your corner as you map out career options and deal with life's challenges.  For some it's training, for others it's strategy or execution.  Our clients tell us, it's having access to a trusted partner to help deliver results and provide confidence that your time and resources are being spent effectively. Check out our areas of expertise and focus below to see where we match up, then let's chat about next steps.

Strategic Business Coaching

Leadership and Personal Development

Need a break, but can't afford to take one?  Another long week and you're still not caught up? Tired of just fighting the good fight but never winning?  When is enough, enough?  It's your company, team or career--at what point is the status quo not sustainable?  What were your goals when you started this organization or took this position?  Are you on track?  Who is your sounding board today?    How do you improve your odds of success?  We specialize in asking great questions and listening intentionally, plus we stay by your side until the mission is complete--like a true Wingman

Have you been seeking an objective sounding board to help with business planning, leadership development or strategic expansion and tactical implementation?  

At Wingman Associates, our core message is that no one should try to do it all alone, whether personally or running a business.  Others have gone before you and there is strength in talking with an experienced advisor to help make the next best decision.   

    Maybe some of these areas resonate?

  • People management

  • Productivity issues & dealing with remote employees

  • Delegating, accountability and taking ownership

  • Just wearing too many hats--can't get to everything

  • Don't really have someone to confide in and bounce ideas off

  • Need to improve Cash Flow

  • Strategy and Execution are not matching up

Mike Carver

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Brad Scandrett

Marketing, Sales and Growth Strategies

Which is worse for your business, the pain of change or the pain of staying the same?  Is the current state acceptable?  Let's stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  There are so many sales and marketing options available today--which ones are right for your business and growth projections?  How are you differentiating yourself from the competition?  Maybe an experienced Wingman would help cut through the clutter?  

Why are sales slowing? Or growing?

How should I direct my marketing budget to maximize my return?

Who is my audience and how do I target them? What media do they use?

What is the ROI on my sales and marketing efforts?

Should we expand?  Do we need more training?

How many people can you effectively coach on your own?

Are our processes slowing our growth opportunities?

What is our brand in the marketplace?

What clients or deals can we NOT afford to lose?

Is it time to check in with an objective, experienced, advisor to get a fresh perspective?

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Mike Carver

Building Financial Confidence

Ever wish you had a better handle on the financial side of things?  For your business, do you understand which levers to pull to increase cash flow?  Can you scale your business with the operating profits you have today?  Are you outspending your income?  On the personal side, is budgeting and forecasting a challenge?  Credit card issues causing pain?  Transparency and objectivity is key in getting control of your finances. 

Do you struggle today with financial confidence for your small business?  Cash Flow, P&L, Balance Sheet statements?

Do you know where your money is going?

Do you know the 7 levers you can pull to improve cash flow?

Personally, are you spending more than you are making?

Do you have a financial plan to achieve your goals?

Ever wish you had someone experienced to help you set up budgets and help keep you accountable to a financial plan?

It's never too late to get a handle on your finances.  We are here to be your financial Wingmen and Women as well.

Mike Carver

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Dawn Davis

Culture and Team Building

You have a culture in your organization today--is it the one you wanted?  Why do employees leave or stay?  Culture starts at the top, is it time to assess what your culture really is?  How do customers or employees actually see your business?  As your Wingman, we'll bring an honest, objective perspective, while helping to create the culture you desire.

Why does your company exist?  What is your mission and purpose?

Can you and your leadership team state your strategy and core value in a sentence or two?

Do all the employees know them?

Do you need help facilitating brainstorming sessions or additional leadership coaching?

Ever wonder how to get employees to act like "owners"?

Is there value in having a fresh set of eyes and ears on what is or isn't driving employee engagement?

Our goal is to help you achieve yours.  When do we begin?

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Mike Carver

Brad Scandrett


“When I first met Mike, I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted, and I couldn’t tell you why. Mike listened closely to what I was trying to create, asked penetrating questions to help me process priorities, gave direct and specific feedback, and shared professional insights, strategies, and resources. By the end of our first meeting, I was hopeful and had steps to take. By the end of Q2, I had successfully rebranded and was signing my first major contracts.  I have new tools, a wider network, and increased confidence. That’s the power of having Mike as your wingman.”

Owner/CEO TeachUp Coaching and Self-Discovery, Self-Defense

Marcie W

our clients

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The hardest part may just be picking up the phone or sending the first email. Let's push through that together.  We never charge to get to know each other.  Trust takes time and we are here for the long game, like a good Wingman.

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